Family Owned & Operated Pest Control For Argyle, Texas Homeowners

Argyle is located within Denton County, one of the fastest-growing counties in the state of Texas. Its residents enjoy the small-town atmosphere and first-class style. At DANCAN, we desire to help keep Argyle's atmosphere and style intact by protecting local homes from pests. Our pest control experts diligently provide effective and comprehensive residential pest control services to help Argyle homes stay pest-free all year long.

Our licensed pest control experts have decades of experience and have been through extensive training. They possess the knowledge and tools needed to solve any pest issue you may experience in your home or on your property! At DANCAN, we believe an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Our preventative services help control pest issues in and around your property. We believe that prevention is easier and more cost-effective than trying to eliminate pests once they've invaded your home or property. Our preventative services include Quarterly General Pest Control, Regular Mosquito Services, Termite Bait Stations, Rodent Bait Stations, and Home Rodent-Proofing.

Our highest priority at DANCAN is excellent customer service. It is our mission to solve your pest problems. To learn more about how we can help, please give us a call. We can keep your home safe from pests and will diligently treat and monitor your home and property as necessary all year long!

Residential Pest Control In Argyle, TX

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The professionals at DANCAN are state-licensed and can protect your Argyle, Texas home and family from pests all year long. With Integrated Pest Management (IPM), we prevent pests and their damage, long-term.

Through the use of IPM strategies, our professionals implement a combination of techniques including:

  • Biological control

  • Use of resistant varieties

  • Habitat manipulation

  • Modification of cultural practices

To prevent unwelcome pests invaders, from infesting your home and property, invest in professional residential pest control services for your home. Our services are proven to be effective and are safe for both humans and pets.

When it comes to completely and effectively eliminating pests, DIY control methods don't do the trick. Each pest must be eliminated according to its specific characteristics. At DANCAN, our experts are extensively trained and state-licensed and have access to the products and equipment needed to finish the job at hand.

For more information about our preventative services, contact us! We can help you decide which services you need to protect your home and property. DANCAN is here to help!

Why You Need to Minimize Mosquito Exposure In Argyle, Texas

To be able to enjoy your time outdoors on your Argyle, Texas property, you must reduce your exposure to disease-spreading mosquitoes. Only female mosquitoes actually feed on blood. They also lay eggs, which increases the number of mosquitoes in any given area in a brief amount of time.

Some ways to minimize your exposure to mosquitoes include:

  • Remove sources of standing water on your property.

  • Check your property for puddles of rainwater, kiddie pools that haven't been completely emptied, and even small areas of water pooling under or around drains. These actions will eliminate mosquito breeding grounds and greatly reduce your exposure to mosquitoes when you are out and about in your own yard. 

  • Enlist the help of a professional pest control company.

The best way to ensure your property is safe from these biting pests is to secure services from a pest professional. Here at DANCAN, we take several steps to protect your yard from mosquitoes. During the initial service, our professionals target active adult mosquitoes. Within about 30 days, we'll return to break the egg cycle. Pests don't just go away because the temperatures drop; we treat them during every season to stop mosquitoes from reproducing while lying in wait for warmer temperatures to arrive and become active again.

At DANCAN, it is our pleasure to help you keep mosquitoes out of your home and off your property. We can implement our proven preventative services, and help you eliminate mosquitoes from your property. Give us a quick call to learn more. We are happy to help you each step of the way!

Problems Raccoons Can Cause In Argyle, Texas

Raccoons are scavengers. They search for food on your property by digging around in your trash cans, often knocking them over and rummaging through them to find a meal. Homeowners with raccoons problems often wake up to see their yards strewn with trash and their garbage receptacles overturned. Though not typically dangerous, raccoons can become violent if you attempt to handle them or mistakenly trap them, raccoons can become violent. With no other option available, raccoons will attack to escape. If the raccoon in question has rabies, the risk of violence and injury is much greater. Raccoons can cause various other damages in and around your home that often extend beyond just tipping over your trash cans and strewing garbage around your property. Raccoons are skillful climbers but will take no care to avoid causing damage to your home as they scale its walls.

When raccoons seek shelter inside your home, you can expect some of the following:

  • Destruction of insulation

  • Broken or chewed fascia

  • Damage to vents

  • Torn or loose shingles

  • Broken ducts

When dealing with raccoons on your property or in your home, your best bet is to partner with a pest professional. Secure the services of a DANCAN professional and gain peace of mind that raccoons will no longer run all over your property. Our exclusion program works to keep them out, causing them to go elsewhere to find what they're seeking. At DANCAN, we take pleasure in helping you keep raccoons out of your home. Call us to learn how we can serve you and your home with our uniquely developed preventative services. We wish to provide quality customer service and an excellent pest-eliminating experience for each homeowner who secures our services!

Guide to Avoiding House Mice In Argyle, Texas

Most homeowners deal with mice in their homes at some time or another. Here are some steps you can take to keep house mice out permanently:

  • Remove all sources of food

  • Cover your trash bins with tightly fitting lids

  • Don't leave food out for pets overnight

  • Seal all food items in airtight containers

  • Sweep up crumbs and spilled food immediately

  • Seal openings mice could use to enter your home

  • Avoid leaving doors and windows open

  • Repair gaps or cracks in your foundation

  • Cover vents properly

To learn more about our preventative services, give us a call. DANCAN can help you prevent pest infestations in and around your Argyle, Texas property! We are here to help!


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