What Do Termites Look Like?


Unlike mosquitoes or common house flies, termites aren't pests we get to look at very often. In fact, most of the time, homeowners will go for months or even years with termites in their home without a clue as to what they look like, let alone that they are even there! This is because most termites build their nests underground and practically spend their entire lives tunneling inside wood. No wonder it’s so had to identify them!

Identification For If You Do See Termites

Though we don't commonly see termites, it's important to understand what they look like in case you do. Just like all insects, termites have two antennae, six legs, and three body segments. As for identification, each sect of termite has its own identification. Here are some distinguishing features of each!
Alates: Also known as reproductives or swarmers, alates are dark-brown to black in color, ¼ to ½ an inch long, and have two pairs of wings that are almost equal in length.

Soldiers: Soldiers do not have wings, but instead have large mandibles; they are creamy-white in color and have large, yellowish-brown colored heads.

Workers: Worker termites are about ¼ of an inch long and, like soldiers, have no wings; however, unlike soldiers, they do not have large jaws or yellowish-brown heads.
Since termites spend most of their lives inside wood or in their underground nests, you're more likely to see the damages they cause than the termites themselves.

Here are some signs that may indicate the presence of termites within your home:

  • Small entry or exit holes within the wood of your home

  • Mud tubes running up your external foundation, bridging a gap between the soil and wood.

  • Overly creaky or spongey floorboards

  • Sagging or bubbling paint or wallpaper

  • Piles of termite swarmer wings around your windowsills

Damages Termites Cause

It is no secret that where termites go, destruction follows. No other pest has the ability to destroy homes like termites do! In fact in the U.S. alone, termites are responsible for roughly $5 billion in property damage each year. If a termite infestation left unchecked, those invading termites can chew enough to weaken floors, walls, and the foundational wood of a home to the point that replacing it seems like a better option than repairing the extensive and costly damages those termites caused.

DANCAN Is Here to Help!

When it comes to dealing with termites, no one understands them better than our team of professionals here at DANCAN. Oftentimes, termite infestations go unnoticed or improperly handled which can lead to extensive damages and costly repairs. That's why we offer termite control and prevention that works to eliminate termites before that can happen! Our service technicians are highly-trained and our methods are tried-and-true. If you need help getting your termite infestation under control, contact us today!

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