How to Prevent Yellow Jackets Around Dallas This Summer


While yellow jackets may look less threatening than other stinging insects, that does not mean they are any less dangerous. On the contrary, yellow jackets are one of the more aggressive species of wasps. Unlike bees, yellow jackets can sting multiple times when defending their nests, meaning you don't want them anywhere near your property!

Why Yellow Jackets And Wasps Are Reaching Full Productivity

Although yellow jackets are around all year here in Dallas, they still get worse in the summertime. Yellow jackets often breed and expand during the summer months making them more active during this season in particular.

Tips And Tricks To Keep Yellow Jackets Away From Your Yard

To keep yellow jackets away from your yard you have to understand that yellow jackets are drawn to sweet and protein-rich foods; anything from a left out soda can to a slab of barbecued ribs. Below are some ways you can reduce these factors and in turn deter yellow jackets from taking over your property.

  • If you feed your pets outdoors, pick up their food and water bowls after they are finished.

  • After hosting outdoor gatherings make sure no scraps or spills are left behind.

  • If your trashcans do not already have tight-fitting lids, consider investing in some that do.

  • Pick up any over-ripened fruit that has fallen from trees into your yard.

  • Make sure to seal your home properly so that yellow jackets cannot get inside to build a nest.

Why Call DANCAN For Help If You Are Dealing With An Infestation

Sometimes yellow jackets settle down on our properties regardless of what we do to keep them away. If this is the case for you, DANCAN is here to help. With just a phone call we will send one of our professional pest technicians to your home with the tools and experience needed to handle even the most aggressive yellow jackets safely. Don't risk your safety dealing with these angry stingers, instead give DANCAN a call. We will be happy to lend a helping hand.