How Greater Dallas Homeowners Can Prepare for Summer Mosquitoes


Mosquito season in the Greater Dallas area is one of the longest in the country, starting as early as February and not ending until October or November. Aren’t we lucky? Fortunately, there are some steps we can take now to help keep the mosquito populations on our properties down this spring and summer. By taking steps now, we can enjoy our yards with fewer biting pests this summer.

When To Expect Mosquitoes In Texas

Mosquitoes need water and warm temperatures to survive. Depending on the weather conditions each year, mosquito season can start as early as February in Texas. While they generally aren’t invasive this early on, it’s a good idea to take measures to keep their populations down. By March, mosquito season is usually well underway.

Steps To Take Now To Prepare For Mosquito Season

Without water, mosquitoes can’t survive, as their eggs need moisture to hatch and their larvae grow in water. Adult mosquitoes need water to continue to live and breed. By reducing the amount of water on your property, you will greatly reduce the number of mosquitoes that live and breed there. Consider that mosquitoes don’t need large bodies of water like pools or ponds in order to thrive. They can lay their eggs in pails, birdbaths, backed-up gutters, puddles, tarps, even small divots in a driveway or in a bottle cap.

A few things to do to prevent the presence of mosquitoes:

  • Check your yard for and empty the various water receptacles you may find.

  • Clean your gutters.

  • Fill in holes around your yard.

  • Remove the hiding and resting places for adult mosquitoes.

  • Trim all plant overgrowth.

  • Keep your grass cut short.

  • Clean up yard debris.

  • Keep plants and flowers away from decks and patios.

  • Plant lavender, catnip, lemon balm, and other fragrant plants and flowers like marigolds around your yard to help repel mosquitoes.

Why Call The Professionals

As we all probably know, mosquitoes fly. So even if you do the work of reducing water sources and resting sites on your property, your neighbors may not do the same. Mosquitoes from neighboring properties can easily fly right on over to yours. That means mosquito problems for you, despite all your hard work!
Securing a professional mosquito control plan can be the additional line of defense you need to keep mosquitoes at bay. At DANCAN we can come to your home and conduct an inspection and give you a quote for providing an effective pest control plan. Now is the time to get started, so you can enjoy your Dallas yard all summer long.