How to Remove Raccoons From Your North Dallas Home


Do you suspect that you might have a raccoon in your North Dallas home? Have you been seeing raccoons running through your yard? Have you heard noises coming from your attic? Is your exterior trash getting knocked over? There are many ways raccoons will let you know they've invaded your space. But what do you do when raccoons move in? If you suspect a raccoon has taken up residence in your North Dallas residence, there is one way to safely get them out.

Why Contact The Professionals To Get Rid Of Raccoons

We offer many tips and tricks for residents to reduce and manage pests, but once pests get in, it's usually better to have an educated professional deal with the problem. This is even more true of a potentially dangerous animal like a raccoon. Ants aren't going to attack you and give you rabies. Pantry pests aren't going to put you in the hospital if you corner them in your kitchen cabinet. And millipedes won't destroy your attic space. Raccoons do all these things and more, making them a serious threat to have in your home!
A licensed pest professional understands the delicate nature of a raccoon infestation. Your technician knows how to perform an inspection, assess the conditions of the infestation, bait and trap the animal(s), remove the animal(s) from the premises, and address any secondary issues related to the infestation such as an infestation of ticks, fleas, lice or mites. Once your raccoon infestation is resolved, we can help you keep your home free of raccoons by offering ongoing monitoring and routine treatments.

Wildlife Control From DANCAN

Are you dealing with raccoons in North Dallas? The experts here at DANCAN can help you resolve your problem and give you ongoing pest control service to protect your home from future infestations. We also offer monitoring and control for mice, rats, squirrels, and other animals. When you invest in residential pest control service, you get more than just wildlife control, you get coverage for over 40 common Texas pests. If you're dealing with raccoons right now, why not let your raccoon infestation inspire you to take the first step toward getting the pest control protection every Texas home should have. Residential pest control helps to protect your health and property from the harmful influence of bugs and animals. Get started by scheduling a free, no-obligation inspection. It is one of the best decisions you'll ever make!