Four Ways You May Not Have Known You Attract Mosquitoes in North Dallas

Mosquito Landing on Flowers

As the days become longer, the buzz of summer hit the streets of Dallas. Summer is one of the most entertaining seasons in one of the most entertaining cities on earth, but is it the excitement in the air that creates the buzz? Or is it something else?

Deadly In Dallas

If you’ve got plans for an exciting and healthy summer, one of the biggest obstacles standing in your way is actually pretty small. Mosquitos might not be sharks, alligators, lions, or tigers, but they’re right up there with the deadliest animals on the planet.

Female mosquitos specifically are notorious carriers and transmitters of deadly diseases. As they feed on the blood of their victims through a feeding tube, they can transfer diseases that they have previously been in contact with through other victims. So the same diseases that the livestock who love to roll around in mud and manure might contract may be passed to you with one simple mosquito bite. These dangerous pests have been known to transfer diseases like West Nile virus, Zika virus, and others that can lead to paralysis and death, so an itchy red jump is the least of your worries.

So What’s Attracting Mosquitos??

Considering the drastic health effects that can come with a mosquito infestation, it’s important to understand the things that attract mosquitoes to your property:

  1. Standing Water: Any sort of standing water in your yard or lawn decorations are prime breeding grounds for mosquitoes. They’ll breed and hatch their eggs in any sort of fountain, pond, or planters, so make sure to dump everything out after a rainstorm before eggs can hatch. You should pour out the liquid from anything that holds water every few days, including pet water bowls, old tires, or trash cans that may be lying around. Mosquitos will even lay eggs in the thin puddles of water that can build up on your pool cover.
  2. Heavily Scented Lotions, Shampoos, and Perfumes: Mosquitos are drawn to people who wear these kinds of substances, so avoid using these when participating in outdoor activities. Lightly scented soaps are best in the summertime as they do not attract nearly as much mosquito attention.
  3. Dark-Colored Clothing: While summer isn’t the best time to wear dark colors anyway (especially in the Dallas heat), many people don’t realize how much their wardrobe can draw mosquitoes' attention. Possibly confusing people wearing dark colors for livestock (one of the female mosquito’s favorite meals) they’ll quickly surround their potential victims.
  4. Blood Type O and Pregnancy: Blood Type O and pregnancy are two of the most attractive qualities of potential mosquito victims. So if you have pregnant women on your property, get rid of them! Just kidding. But, if you’re pregnant or have Type O blood, you need to take special precautions and use effective repellant.

With this knowledge, you might have a fighting chance to fend off mosquitos and take back your summer. However, don’t forget the drastic health risk you’re running if you allow mosquito activity to go unchecked on your property. While eliminating standing water will help, there’s only so much you can do yourself. If you don’t want to leave your health to chance, then trust something that comes with a guarantee. The best way to keep mosquito populations down to almost zero around your yard is to partner with the professionals at DANCAN The Pest Control Expert. We have the protection you need at the prices you want. So don’t wait. Call us today to save your summer.