How to Tell if Your North Dallas Property Has Termites

Termite Prevention

The worst pest problems are the ones that grow and cost you money before you even realize they’re there. Termites are the biggest culprit of this kind of infestation, able to cause a ton of damage before the signs are apparent enough to act on. Learning how you can spot the early signs might just save you from a whole lot of wasted time, money, and effort.

The Damage Of A Termite Problem

Termites are ant-like insects that chew through wood. While the vast majority of populations exist outdoors, termites in Dallas are a common invasive pest that can cause irreversible damage to human structures if given a way in. Termites burrow through soil and make elaborate tunnel systems that can encroach upon a Dallas property. Once they’ve gained access to interior woods, termites can quickly chew through the cores of structural beams and support walls. It doesn’t take long for this to become a real hazard, as structural damage increases the likelihood of collapse. Even if the whole structure is relatively unscathed by termite activity, the money needed to replace even small sections of the wall and drywall isn’t cheap.

Signs Of Termites To Watch For

Because the damage can increase so quickly, it’s important to act on a termite infestation immediately. The problem is, it’s extremely difficult to notice termite damage before it’s too late. Property owners don’t often see the damage from termites because the bugs burrow in from the ground. Usually, when someone notices termite damage early, it’s only because they were making unrelated repairs or renovations to a property. That said, diligence can pay off, and inspecting for these signs might just help clue you in early:

  • Warped Frames: As the wood gets hollowed out, the surface warps and buckles, causing window and door frames to not fit properly in their holes anymore. If you notice any changes in this regard, call the experts immediately. 

  • Drooping Walls: The same goes for sudden bulges in the wallpaper or noticeably sagging segments of drywall. As structural wood is damaged, it can protrude and no longer hold the weight of heavy building materials.

  • Clicking Noises: While it’s extremely uncommon for this to be an early sign, you can sometimes hear the faint clicking noise of termite activity within the walls. This sound is caused by soldier termites banging their heads on wood in order to alert nearby termites.

Termite Prevention For Your Property

Since it can be nearly impossible to detect a termite population before it’s a serious problem, the best thing to do is take early steps to protect your property from a termite infestation in the first place. Here are some areas to pay special attention to:

  • Soil Contact: Since termites build their colonies in the soil, any direct contact with structures can provide an opportunity for a termite population to encroach.
  • Moisture Control: Some termites specifically seek out damp or waterlogged woods, meaning faulty plumbing or moisture buildup can attract them. Regular maintenance and quick repairs of these problems can limit your risk of termites.
  • Crack Sealing: While termites can’t chew through rock or concrete foundations to gain access to wooden structures, small holes or cracks can seem like wide open entrances to tiny termites. Routinely checking for and filling any cracks can also help ward off pests.

Don’t Wait, Call The Experts

With the risks associated with a termite infestation, you really don’t want to take a chance on proper pest control. Rather than try DIY (do it yourself) methods and prevention, trust the professionals instead. At DANCAN, The Pest Control Experts, we know how to check for termites early and often, making sure a colony isn’t growing out of sight and causing damage. If our inspections show that termites are already there, you can rest assured that we’ll get rid of them and make sure they never come back. For complete protection from destructive termites, contact DANCAN, The Pest Control Experts today.