The Best Way To Protect Your North Dallas Property From Termites


Most people regard termite prevention as a mystery that's yet to be solved. But, while termite prevention isn't easy, it's no longer a mystery. Find out the best way to keep your property in North Dallas safe from termites.

When You Should Take Precautions

Before you learn how to protect your North Dallas property, you should understand when your property is the most vulnerable. Unlike some other common pests in North Dallas, termites are always around. People often refer to the spring as termite season, but these pests can be around all year long. Although they slow down their activity in the winter, termites always pose a threat to your property.
Because of this, it's always important to take steps to prevent termites. Most property owners don't realize they have an issue with termites until the damage is significant. Every year, termites wreak significant havoc to wooden structures. The cost of repairing this damage could leave you in financial ruins.
In the spring, termite colonies often send out swarmers; the purpose of these swarmers is to mate and form new colonies in nearby properties. Once there's a new colony, the termites get to work. They don't rest and instead chew through the wood all day and night. Sadly, it doesn't take long for termites to do significant damage. If you don't want to experience termite damage, you should always have a plan in place to deter these pests.

How You Can Make Your Property Less Appealing

Fortunately, you don't need to be at the mercy of termites. Doing all of the following makes your property less of a target to termites:

Seal Up Entrances To Wood

Even if you don't have wood shingles on your home or business, termites may have access to the inner wood materials. Make those materials less available by sealing up potential entry points. Seal cracks in your roof and siding and use door sweeps to eliminate gaps under your doors.

Remove Timber And Wood

If you have piles of firewood or lumber near your structures, you're welcoming termites onto your North Dallas property. Keep piles of wood as far away from your structures as possible, and throw out piles of branches as they form. 

Fix Leaks

Subterranean termites are attracted to moisture, so leaks in your pipes could be a beacon to these pests. If you can't fix your leaks alone, hire someone to repair them. Doing so will reduce moisture and deter termites.

Address Ventilation

If you have poor ventilation in your property, you may have excess moisture. You can fix some ventilation issues by installing vents and by using dehumidifiers. While this alone won't keep termites out, it's a start.

Maintain Your Garden

An overgrown garden gives termites a path into your home or business. You can prevent termites by maintaining your garden well all year long. Mow your lawn, trim your shrubs, and don't let your greenery get out of control.

Get Regular Inspections

Even if you take measures to protect your property, you can't be certain that it's termite-free. To prevent unnecessary damage from occurring, hire a pest control expert for regular inspections. They can look for signs of termite activity and act swiftly to eliminate the colony.

The Only Effective Form Of Termite Control

The best form of termite protection and inspection is with professional assistance. DIY methods only go so far, and your property could be vulnerable. Here at DANCAN The Pest Control Expert, we know what it takes to keep termites away from your home or business. To get started on a year-round termite prevention plan, give us a call today.