North Dallas Homeowners' Handy Guide To American Cockroaches

As North Dallas homeowners, there are a lot of problems on our plates. Will your house get sucked up in a tornado? Is it too hot to go outside safely? Are the Cowboys ever going to win a playoff game again? While we juggle all of these issues, cockroach control tends to get put on the backburner. However, if you knew how dangerous an American cockroach infestation could be, you might want to consider what you’re doing to prevent these pests.

Large Roaches: Larger Health Concerns

The American cockroach is the biggest of all roaches on the continental US, but they’re not actually from America. Originating in Africa, these large roaches developed a very hard outer shell and the ability to survive nearly anything. However, it isn’t their formidability that should scare you the most: it’s their ability to transfer diseases.
You see, when they’re not invading your home, these large roaches prefer to hang out in some of the most highly contaminated places in town: sewers, dumpsters, landfills, etc. As they search for easily accessible food sources in your house, these roaches can give you quite a scare. However, far more frighteningly, they’ll also spread bacteria as they move around, including all manner of dangerous contaminants. 
A prolonged American cockroach infestation has been known to cause salmonella, E.coli, and many more dangerous diseases, and they even secrete a pathogen as they move around that can cause allergic reactions. With these health hazards on the line, you can see why North Dallas home and business owners need to be especially careful when it comes to preventing an infestation.

Proper Prevention Procedures

Since American cockroaches will invade in large numbers and find several different ways to infiltrate a home, they can be very hard to keep out. However, if you focus on removing the factors that attract roach activity in the first place, you might be able to avoid an infestation. To effectively prevent one, the following measures are encouraged:

  • Addressing moisture issues: since American cockroaches prefer to live in damp environments, preventing moisture buildup in your home can reduce their attraction to it. Preventing moisture buildup is effectively done through monitoring pipes for leaks, using a dehumidifier in your crawlspaces, and regular lawn maintenance.

  • Storing food/trash properly and promptly: these roaches may be big, but they can live off surprisingly little food. Just the slightest crumbs can attract them, so leaving leftover food out overnight will have them desperate to get in. Leaving dishes in the sink overnight can also attract them quickly.

  • Cleaning regularly: wiping down your countertops and tables after meals can help reduce the loose crumbs laying around. You’ll also want to vacuum and mop regularly to reduce easy access to food sources.

  • Decluttering: clutter provides plenty of hiding spots where roaches can move around. They have an aversion to light and human interaction, so hiding places in low-traffic areas are their preferred habitat. Open, organized spaces will intimidate them and discourage further infestation. 

While this list might be very helpful in reducing your chance of infestation, there will always be a chance (if you try to prevent them on your own) that they still invade regardless. Remember: DIY prevention or eradication methods always lead to inconsistent results, and are never 100% foolproof. So, with health hazards on the line, would you really want to take the chance?
Don't waste your time and money or risk your health with potentially toxic sprays that don’t get the job done. Instead, contact the professionals at DANCAN after you see the first sign of American cockroaches.