Five Easy Yet Effective Ant Prevention Tips for Lewisville, TX Homes

Fire Ants in Kitchen

No pest should be deemed harmless. If they have an opportunity, they will violate your Lewisville, TX home. Then, they’ll penetrate food packages and ruin personal belongings. The most frightening critters are those that can injure you. Many species carry illness-causing bacteria as well. On top of all of this, creepy crawlers can be hard to get rid of. They might be tiny or have difficult-to-reach hiding spots. Moreover, they may procreate quickly or have immunity to pesticides.

Several of the aforementioned concerns apply to ants, believe it or not. They can contaminate food and surfaces with the microbes they have on their skin. Even worse, some subspecies have additional dangers. Being familiar with preventative protocols can spare you from the perils of ants. Use these five tips from DANCAN The Pest Control Expert.

Five Prevention Tips

Tip #1 Keep up Structural Quality

The bodies of ants are usually dainty and very pliable. They can get past all kinds of cracks and holes. It’s beyond necessary to seal openings in windows, doors, foundations, and utilities. Caulk can be handy to apply. Next, inspect your screens and sweeps and make sure they are intact. If you have any moisture issues, such as leaks or unwanted precipitation, get them fixed immediately. Water is certainly a draw for ants.

Tip #2 Take Charge of Your Lawn Care

Ants are typically right outside in your yard. Mow your lawn regularly, because they love being in tall grass. Plants, flowers, and trees are also magnets for these bugs, so trim them back too. Have all greenery, gardens, and wood at least two feet away from the property. Don’t allow organic debris and rubbish to just sit on the land, dispose of it. Fire ants, and those similar, thrive around soil, mulch, and natural matter that is overgrown or rotting.

Fire Ants: This reddish-brown subgroup ranges in size from 0.06 to 0.20 of an inch long. You can be struck by their black bottom stingers. Pain, burning, allergic reactions, and skin inflammation are the main effects. Seek medical help if you become sweaty or nauseous. Fire ants wreck lawns by creating dirt mounds and gathering in plants, landscaping, and grass sod.

Tip #3 Think Twice About How You Store Food And Garbage

You must use containers and canisters with airtight lids for food and trash storage. This is to cut off an insect’s potential food supply. Odorous house ants will be discouraged from entering your place. Also, clean your kitchen from top to bottom and always wash the dishes. Frequently take the garbage out and vacuum rugs to get crumbs up.

Odorous House Ants: These insects are brown or black and 0.12 of an inch long. If they are crushed, a spoiled coconut scent will be released. Moderate pain comes with their bites. They tend to nest in things that provide warmth and moisture, like heaters and pipes.

Tip #4 Clean the Porch

A tidy porch or patio is as important as having an orderly interior. No food or organic matter needs to be in these spaces. Ants will relish in it. Sweep and wash it off as needed.

Tip #5 Contact DANCAN The Pest Control Expert

Don’t waste your money on retail insecticides. These products might irritate ants and lead to them spreading their colonies. Another factor to remember is that store items can be toxic. We at DANCAN The Pest Control Expert utilize advanced and eco-friendly treatments designed to eliminate these bugs, especially fire ants. Our skilled technicians will properly identify species and their nesting centers. Call us today at DANCAN The Pest Control Expert for a free estimate!