How to Protect Your North Dallas Property From Mosquito Invasions

Mosquito Biting

Have you ever been in an area that is so dense with mosquitoes that no amount of bug spray could keep them from biting you? It is a terrible experience, not just in the moment, but for days after as you scratch at the irritating red marks these pests leave across your body. There is no arguing that mosquitoes are troublesome pests, especially when they attack you on your own property. If you are here today looking for practical ways to keep your North Dallas property safe from mosquito invasions, we are here to help.

Why Mosquitoes Invade Local Properties

Not all mosquitoes live on blood. In fact, males don’t bite people at all but rather live on a diet of nectar, honeydew, and other sweet things. It is only females that require blood. But they don’t need blood to survive but rather to provide nutrients for their eggs. Female mosquitoes lay their eggs around properties in pools of stagnant water. Keeping these things in mind, mosquitoes invade properties that provide them with areas to breed, locations to lay their eggs, and opportunities to find blood meals. The more water build-up and living creatures your yard provides, the more likely you will be to be bitten by mosquitoes on your property.

The Dangers Of Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are the most dangerous creatures on the planet. Responsible for over one million human deaths each year, these biting pests are much more threatening than they look. But Americans are not as likely to get sick from a mosquito bite as someone in a third-world country. This is because of one key factor. You and the people that live around you have access to quick and high-quality medical services. If someone in your neighborhood contracts a blood-borne disease, which is possible, treatment is available to them. In short, the fewer people carrying blood-borne diseases there are in an area, the less likely mosquitoes will be to pick up diseases and spread them to other people.

How To Make Yourself Less Attractive To Mosquitoes

If you plan on going outside into an area where mosquito populations might be dense, it is advised that you take precautions to avoid getting bitten. Here are some simple tips our experts recommend you use to stay safe.

  • Wear light-colored clothing to be less visible to mosquitoes.

  • Avoid going outside during dusk and dawn when mosquitoes are most active.

  • When working out outside do not stop moving as your sweat, heat, and breath are all attractive to mosquitoes.

  • Wear thicker clothing or clothing that creates an air pocket between its fabric and your skin.

  • Apply mosquito repellant to your body before going out into mosquito-dense areas.

Other factors such as blood type cannot be controlled. If you have type O blood, you are naturally more attractive to mosquitos.

Some Practical Ways To Reduce Mosquito Populations On Your Property

There are two strategies that help reduce mosquito populations. The first is to eliminate sources of water around your property. This will limit mosquitos' ability to reproduce but will not guarantee complete control. The closest thing to complete control of mosquitoes is hiring a professional to treat your property. At DANCAN The Pest Control Expert, we don’t just treat breeding grounds, we make your yard and property repel mosquitoes. This greatly reduces your chances of being bitten.

Call us today to schedule your property for a service visit or to ask about our one-time treatments for outdoor gatherings and venues.