How to Keep Rodents Out of My Frisco Restaurant

Rat outside

Rodents are the scourge of many restaurant owners. They infest your food and ruin your reputation. But why did they choose to invade your restaurant?

What Attracts Rodents To Your Frisco Restaurant?

Rodents are attracted to warm environments. During the winter months, food sources are scarce, and conditions are harsh. They see your restaurant as a place of refuge and disregard your inconvenient presence. Put simply, they gravitate toward your restaurant for warmth and food. But, other lesser-known factors can attract rodents to your restaurant. Messy kitchens are magnets for rodents. They love dirt, grime, and garbage. 

Moreover, rodents can squirm through a crack or crevice with surprising ease. Convenient entry points can greatly increase the risk of infestation. Likewise, convenient access to food can draw rodents into your restaurant. Leaf piles, shrubbery, and debris offer protective cover for the pests as well. Protective cover outside conduces to rodents inside. 

How They Enter Your Frisco Restaurant

To reiterate, cracks or holes render convenient entry points for rodents. Rodents can also dig under shallow restaurant foundations. They can discreetly scurry into your restaurant through open windows, doors, or vents. They can even migrate in boxes or packages.  

Signs Of A Rodent Infestation

A rodent is only a broad category of pest. Rodents leave different signs of their presence depending on the type, but here are a few commonalities:

  • Rodents leave smudge marks from the dirt and oil they come into contact with. You may see brown smudge marks along your walls if you have a rodent infestation. 
  • Most likely, especially with larger infestations, you’ll see dropping around the floors of your restaurant. The size of these droppings varies depending on the rodent.
  • Similarly, you could see puddles of urine, though rodent urine is hardly distinguishable. 
  • Burrows could appear near your garbage, another popular meeting place for rodents.

Harm To Your Frisco Restaurant

Needless to say, a rodent infestation damages the reputation of your establishment. No one will want to eat at a place infested with rodents. Consequently, you should not only work to eliminate these repugnant pests, but you should also work to prevent future infestations. 

Tips To Keep Rodents Out Of Your Frisco Restaurant

Prevention is critical to sustaining your successful business. Again, prevention tips vary, but there are still commonalities:

  • Make sure to take out your trash frequently. Rodents love to munch on garbage. Rodents yearn for appetizing food scraps, and neglected garbages satiate that desire. 
  • You should store your food in airtight containers. Easy access to food attracts rodents and allows them to survive for long periods in your restaurant. This is why thwarting their access is critical to prevention. 
  • Declutter your kitchen. To emphasize, messy kitchens entice rodents to invade. Rodents love to remain discreet, and messy restaurant kitchens facilitate concealment.
  • Organize that messy storage closet. Throw away superfluous items. Pick up that food off the floor. Do what you can to lessen the allure of your restaurant. 
  • Mow and landscape regularly. Similar to clutter, high weeds conceal rodents and allow them to easily evade your sight as they infiltrate your restaurant. 
  • Try to remove excess moisture. Like other mammals, rodents rely on food and water to survive. If your kitchen is covered in water, not only is this a safety hazard, it allows rodents to survive. 
  • For obvious reasons, block entry points. Install door sweeps on exterior doors to prevent entry. Seal any cracks and crevices with steel wool. 

Call DANCAN The Pest Control Expert!

Rodent infestations can take hold of any eating establishment. Lax food safety measures can lead to severe consequences, including financial implosion. To remove your rat infestation as soon as possible, you should call the professionals. We urge you to call us at DANCAN The Pest Control Expert to eliminate your rodent infestation. Give us a call today to learn more about our rodent control options and recurring pest control plans!