How to Keep Rats Away From Your Frisco Home

Norway Rat

Rats have always been a pest problem in Frisco. In fact, these pests have been a problem since before people lived inside sealed wooden, stone, and brick homes. What makes these pests such a problem? They are annoying, dangerous, and destructive. If you are looking for a good way to keep these furry invaders out of your living areas, here are some great strategies to use today.

Keep Your Living Areas Tidy & Clean

We like to tell all homeowners that when it comes to preventing rats, clean their homes. The more clean things are, the better. Why? Because rats are constantly looking for food. These invading rodents will eat just about anything from the forgotten apple core under a desk to the cheesecake left on the counter. By addressing food messes and drink spills around your home as they occur and thoroughly cleaning your living areas once a week, you will limit rats in their ability to survive indoors.

Another part of this is keeping your living areas free of clutter. If you didn’t know, rats would thrive in messy environments. They use clutter to stay hidden, build nests, and move around your home without being detected. By organizing your home and keeping things tidy,  you will reduce their access to these things.

Reduce Harborage Around Your Property

Most rat infestations start from outside a home. To make sure rats are not nesting on your property, do your best to clean up leaf piles, sticks, and other organic clutter. It also helps to keep toys stored in a protected area. If you have outbuildings, make sure they are properly sealed so rodents cannot get inside. Finally, store woodpiles and construction materials a good distance from your home’s exterior as this is a commonplace rats build nests.

Limit Their Access To Water

Rodents need water to survive. They gain access to this resource from leaks inside walls, rainwater build-up around properties, clogged gutters, and drinks left out in and around homes. To limit these pests' access to water, repair leaky pipes and fixtures, make sure your gutter is not clogged and in good working condition. Pour out any water that collects around your property after it rains, and transform your yard to allow for better drainage. Wipe down sinks and bathtubs after using them, and keep drinks covered or inside of your refrigerator.

Remove Food Sources

Rats do not just eat garbage that falls on the floor. They will also eat trash out of trash cans, food left on countertops, and even chew into boxes stashed away inside pantries. To protect your food and trash from invading rats, here are a few tips to try:

  • Invest in tight-fitting trash can lids and keep your trash cans clean.

  • After every meal, store leftover food inside airtight plastic, metal, or glass containers.

  • Repackage food stored in cardboard boxes or plastic bags into tougher containers.

  • Store your pet’s food in a safe place.

  • Clean out your pet’s food bowl after every meal.

An Amazing Answer To Rat Problems

There are many reasons why people turn to professionals for their rodent problems. Most don’t have the time to prevent these pests on their own or the experience to handle an infestation without getting hurt. To aid you with your rat problems, the experts at DANCAN The Pest Control Expert, are here to help. Let us evaluate your rat issues and implement an effective rodent control solution to get and keep these pests out of your Frisco home today! Call us now for more information on our residential pest control service.