Dangerous Termites in Plano: A Guide for Every Homeowner

Large Termite

Termites are insects that can cause significant damage to any property. They can be found all over the world, both inside and outside of structures. The most common type of termite is called a subterranean termite and can be found in Plano.

Termite Characteristics

Termites are nocturnal and live in the soil around homes. They build elaborate mud tubes and nests in wood already damaged by rain or damp conditions. Each colony can house 10,000 termites or more, especially if there is more than one queen termite laying eggs. The eggs hatch into white larvae that develop into one of three castes: 

1. Worker termites, which are responsible for building and maintaining tunnels over time and feeding the termites. These types of termites only live for one or two years. 

2. Soldiers protect the colony from danger and enemies, mostly from ants. They also only live for one or two years and are not gender-specific. 

3. Reproductives, also known as swarmers or alates, have wings. These types of termites leave, mate, and become the king and queen of a new colony. 

Yes, Termites Are Harmful For Plano Homeowners

Termites build their nests underground and can be very destructive to wood structures. By the time you notice any signs of their presence, they may have already caused irreversible damage. The white, wood-infesting insects in the Plano area aren't known to transmit disease, but they can trigger allergic reactions. Dust and particles are released into the air when termites make their nests in wood. Termite saliva and droppings also irritate people who have asthma and trigger allergic reactions in immunocompromised individuals. 

Signs Of Termite Activity And Prevention Tips

  • One reason why it's crucial to keep termites out of your home is they can lead to unstable structural damage by eating through support walls, which increases the probability of collapse. So, if you have a home in Plano, be sure to inspect it regularly to ensure it's free of termites. Signs of termite activity in your North Dallas home include:
  • A swarm of winged insects - particularly after rain - could be a sign of an infestation

  • Liquid-like droppings and small piles of sawdust or pellets

  • Termite nests near places of moisture, such as from a leaky pipe or an unfinished basement wall

  • Damaged wood with the appearance of small holes, especially around windows and doors

  • Wood that looks like it's chewed through or destroyed

  • Hollow sounding wood

Here are a few tips to help keep termites out of your home:

  • Keep your home insulated and tightly enclosed, sealing all entry points

  • Regularly check the condition of faucets and gutters as these will prevent water pooling near the foundation

  • Paint the exterior foundation of your home with barrier paint to keep insects outside

  • Remove and replace any water-damaged or rotten wood

  • Replace materials with cellulose-free alternatives as termites mainly feed on cellulose

  • Keep firewood at least 20 feet away from the foundation

  • Routinely check for mud tubes (termites build these to reach sources of food)

Apart from these preventative measures, it’s best to leave the removal of a termite infestation to the experts at DANCAN The Pest Control Expert in North Dallas. 

DANCAN The Pest Control Expert Can Control Your Termite Problem

It's not easy detecting and getting rid of termites in North Dallas without professional pest control help. Even with preventative measures in place, finding out the bones of your home are no longer solid is not a surprise you want to hear. Contact DANCAN The Pest Control Expert to schedule a termite inspection right away and put those fears and termites to rest.