Frisco Roaches: What You Should Look Out For

Cockroach on a table

Of all the pests that might invade your home here in Frisco, cockroaches might be the worst. These small insects are not just annoying. They are also dangerous and destructive. To help you better understand why roaches invade properties and what problems these pests cause, here are some things to know.

Why Are Cockroaches In Frisco Dangerous/Bad?

One thing cockroaches are known for is spreading disease. The question is: what diseases do cockroaches carry? German cockroaches, the most common roaches in our area, are capable of carrying 33 different kinds of bacteria, 7 human pathogens, and 6 parasitic worms. They spread these disease-causing organisms through their fecal droppings and off their greasy bodies. Some of the most common diseases you might contract from having roaches inside your home are campylobacteriosis, cholera, dysentery, giardia, and salmonellosis. 

Another serious danger many types of cockroaches present comes from their dry fecal droppings and shed skins. These byproducts are picked up into the air like dust and act as irritants for people with asthma, allergies, and other forms of respiratory problems. This particular issue will get worse as infestations grow inside living areas.

How Cockroaches Get Into Frisco Homes

Roaches are everywhere. There are probably some of these pests in your yard right now. The question is, how do the cockroaches in your yard become the cockroaches inside your home? Most often these pests wander inside while searching for food, moisture, or shelter. You are more likely to find cockroaches inside your living areas during times of extreme cold, heat, or stormy weather. How do cockroaches get into houses? By squeezing through gaps, cracks, and other openings in exterior walls, foundational blocks, and windows/doors.

Natural Cockroach-Prevention Tips For Frisco Homes

If your home does not currently have a cockroach infestation, you should take some time today to put in place some prevention strategies. Here are a few house cockroach prevention tips to try.

  • Identify holes, gaps, and cracks in your home’s exterior foundation. Use a caulking gun or some liquid cement to fill in these potential entry points.
  • Thoroughly check all of your doors and windows. Make sure they have weatherstripping and door sweeps, and that there are no gaps around their frames.
  • Keep doors and windows closed when they are not in use.
  • Address moisture issues around your home by repairing and cleaning out your gutters, eliminating sources of water buildup after rainfall, and terraforming your yard to reduce moisture collection.
  • Address moisture issues inside by fixing leaky piping, wiping down moisture spills, and using a dehumidifier in particularly humid rooms.
  • Clean up messes as they occur and keep up with general house cleaning such as washing dishes and vacuuming.
  • Store all of your leftover food in airtight plastic, glass, or metal containers and in the refrigerator if possible.
  • Make sure all of your indoor and outdoor trash bins are clean and have tight-fitting lids.

What Does Pest Control Do For Roaches In Frisco?

If you suspect cockroaches are causing trouble inside your Frisco home, your best option to get them out is to invest in quality cockroach pest control. For the absolute best cockroach pest control, trust the experts at DANCAN The Pest Control Expert. Our team of licensed and highly trained technicians knows how to identify cockroaches, how to remove cockroaches from homes, and how to deter cockroaches from invading in the future. We also offer a wide range of other services to help deal with other common area pests.

Call us today to learn more about our cockroach control methods and schedule your Frisco home for an appointment.