Should I Be Nervous About Termites In Frisco?


Termites are not always pests. Out in the wild, these beneficial insects help to break down fallen trees, dead stumps, and other discarded wood. It is only when they come onto properties that problems start to occur. If you have not done your research, you should be nervous about these pests. We are here today to provide you with some information about how to know if you have termites and also to share some tips and tricks on how to get rid of termites if they invade your Frisco home.

What Does A Termite Infestation In Frisco Look Like?

If there were active termites chewing away at your Frisco home, you would know about it, right? Unfortunately, this is not usually the case. Termites are slow-moving and silent pests. They can chew through structural wood for months or years without leaving behind any signs of their presence. If your home has had a termite infestation for a while, here are some signs of termites to identify the presence of these pests.

  • Bubbling or ripping wallpaper and paint
  • Sagging drywall
  • Mud tubes running up your exterior foundation
  • Hollow-sounding wood
  • A rustling noise when you put your ear up to an infested wall
  • Frass (termite droppings) that is pushed out of pin-sized holes in your walls
  • Overly-squeaky floorboards or stairs
  • Windows and doors that are becoming harder to open and close
  • Sagging floors or ceilings
  • Buckling support beams
  • Visible galley ways running through structural wood

Something you should consider doing is to hire a professional to inspect your home for termites. They don’t just know how to look for signs of termites but we also have advanced equipment to identify these pests even when they are underground or hidden deep inside a wall.

The Dangers Of Termites In Your Frisco Home

There are a few different kinds of termites here in Frisco. The most common species, the subterranean termite, poses no direct risk to your health (that is unless you consider the mental stress that comes with finding out your home is being chewed on). If your home has a drywood termite infestation, you may notice an increase in asthma attacks and allergic reactions. These problems are associated with frass (sawdust-like termite droppings) that are pushed out of pin-sized holes. If you start noticing frass around your living areas, call a professional immediately. 

Should I Treat My Frisco Home For Termites If I Don't Have Them?

At DANCAN The Pest Control Expert, we are firm believers in preemptive pest control over reactive pest control. Especially with termites, having some form of termite treatments in place could save you thousands of dollars in the long run. Just think about it. How are you going to know termites are chewing their way through your structural wood? Most signs these pests leave behind take months to notice. The only way to ensure your investment stays safe is to have protection in place today.

Who To Call About Termites On Your Frisco Property

If you are looking for reliable termite treatments near you to ensure your property stays safe year-round, do not look further than DANCAN The Pest Control Expert. Our team of highly trained technicians has the advanced tools and termite treatments needed to handle these destructive pests in the Frisco area. 

Give us a call today to talk to one of our friendly service representatives. We will walk you through all of our services options, answer any questions you have, and schedule a time to have your Frisco home inspected for invasive and destructive termites.