The Key To Effective Termite Control In Plano


What is something you are worried about happening to your Plano home? Some common worries homeowners have when they first move into a home are electrical fires, natural disasters, and flooding. Thankfully, all of these things are covered by a good home insurance plan. Do you know what is not covered by home insurance? Termite damage. When these hungry pests invade properties and cause damage, there is no safety net to protect homeowners from the cost of repair. To help you keep destructive termites off your Plano property, here are a few things to consider and the key to effective termite control.

Where You Might Find A Termite Nest

When termites invade a property, their presence is not usually obvious. This is partly due to where these pests build their nests. The most common species in our area, the subterranean termite, builds its colonies underground and uses tunnels to get to and from sources of wood nearby. If there is a termite nest on your property, chances are you won’t know it is there. You may, however, be able to see some of the damage these pests cause around their home.

What Is The Cause Of Termites On Properties?

If your property has a termite colony on it, there is a reason these pests are nearby. Hopefully, the reason is that there are tasty trees, woodpiles, or debris around your property, and not that your home has caught their attention. Something many people do not know is that most termites prefer to eat wood that is water damaged, rotting, or in decay. The older your home is, the more likely it will be to have areas of structural wood that are affected in these ways.

How Much Termite Damage Is Too Much?

There is a short time when termites invade a home and the damage they cause can be ignored, as it poses no threat to structural integrity and is not very visible. As a termite colony continues to feed, however, the damage becomes more severe and noticeable. One example of this is the way these pests spread moisture damage. This can result in tight-fitting windows, overly squeaky floorboards, and discolored or bulging structural wood. As for how much termite damage is too much for a home, there comes a point where a person has known about a problem for a long time but has not done anything to address it. It is at this point that wood is hollowed out and water damage is so severe that the cost of repair is simply not worth it. 

How To Deal With Termites

If you have recently noticed small flying termites (termite swarmers), or other signs of these pests in or around your home, you might be wondering how to deal with these pests. We recommend starting with a thorough inspection performed by a professional. At DANCAN The Pest Control Expert, we offer this service to help locals identify termite infestations on their properties and assess their risk of damage. If your property does not have an active termite colony, you have two options to deter these pests. Some homeowners opt to protect their homes with DIY strategies like moisture control, exclusion tactics, and general clean-up. We recommend not taking any chances with these pests and protecting your home with professional termite treatments. We will make sure termites eat wood that is away from your property and not your home. 

Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive termite control options and schedule your Plano home to be treated for these invasive and destructive insects.