How to Keep the Mosquitoes in Plano at Bay This Summer


Plano pest control professionals have their work cut out for them in the spring and summer. This suburb of Dallas is known to harbor two species of mosquitoes known to carry the Zika virus, malaria, and yellow fever.

These two species are the Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus, commonly known as the yellow fever mosquito and the Asian tiger mosquito. They are not born with these diseases; instead, they become a vector for them after encountering an affected human or animal.

You shouldn’t let mosquitoes ruin your summer; you deserve to go out and enjoy your yard. DANCAN The Pest Control Expert can help you get back to enjoying nature.

How Mosquitoes Sniff Out Human Sweat To Find Us

It’s an intriguing phenomenon that some people are like a gourmet feast for mosquitoes at night while others can spend an evening outdoors and never be bothered. Some studies have shown a link between type O blood and mosquitoes. If you have type O blood, you are nearly 85% more likely to be bitten by a mosquito than any other blood type. However, that doesn’t mean you’re destined to be a buffet.

These pests find their meals through three advanced insect receptors called the olfactory, ionotropic, and gustatory receptors. This means they use scent, nerve stimuli, and taste to locate and decide on their meal. Mosquitoes are drawn to the carbon dioxide that you and other animals exhale into the environment as well as the sugars that you produce through your pores. If your heart rate is up, you’re emitting more carbon dioxide into the air. And if you’re consuming sweet foods or alcohol, your sweat will attract more mosquitoes too.

Mosquito Bite Symptoms And Treatment

Only female mosquitoes bite humans right before they lay eggs, so it’s no wonder some of these insects seem ravenous. When this pest takes a blood meal, she injects saliva containing anti-coagulating properties into a capillary of your skin. It is the saliva that causes the itchy reaction that these insects are most known to induce.

If you’ve never been bitten, then welcome to Plano in the summertime! Some people will feel an initial bite, but often you won’t know about it until it’s already done. What you will see is a raised small, red, bump on your skin and it’ll be itchy, but you shouldn’t scratch it.

Here are a few DIY mosquito bite treatments that will reduce inflammation and provide you with some itch relief:

  • Apply hydrocortisone cream to the bite site to alleviate itching.
  • Cover the bump with toothpaste (not gel).
  • Use witch hazel to draw out the itching agent.
  • Apply aloe vera for quick itch and inflammation relief.
  • Crush an aspirin, add a few drops of water to make a paste, and apply to the bite.

If you see red streaking coming from the bite, if it becomes painful or warm to the touch, or if you experience any kind of allergic reaction, please seek professional medical advice.  

The Best Way To Repel Mosquitoes In Plano

If you can repel mosquitoes in Plano in the first place you won’t have to go through the trouble of treating a bite.

Here are some tips that will help you have a mosquito-free yard this summer:

  1. Incorporate plants that keep mosquitoes away into your landscaping. For example, citronella, lavender, marigolds, rosemary, thyme, basil, catnip, geraniums, mint, floss flower, eucalyptus, bee balm, allium, and sage all repel mosquitoes. Some are perennials, which means they will come back for several years once established.
  2. Burn a sage bundle or light a citronella candle.
  3. Look for and eliminate stagnant water on your property.
  4. White, pastels, and yellow colors are claimed to repel mosquitoes.
  5. Light a campfire; the smoke deters these and other flying pests.

These suggestions tend to have limited effectiveness and work better after you’ve removed standing water, which works as a breeding ground and nursery for these pests. But if you’ve done all you can do and are still being chased inside on nice summer nights, then you should call for professional mosquito control.

Plano Mosquito Control Programs

Outside of prevention, the best thing to get rid of mosquitoes is partnering with a pest control professional like DANCAN The Pest Control Expert. We set ourselves apart from the other pest control companies in Plano by offering same-day service and tailored pest control plans for your home, or business. Our mosquito control services will help you reclaim your yard from these irritating pests.