What To Do About Spiders In Frisco

wolf spider

Spiders are never fun to deal with when they make their way into your Frisco home. In fact, most people are afraid of spiders no matter where they encounter them. However, when you find them in your Frisco residence it can feel like a personal assault.

There are many ways to kill spiders, but you don’t want to just kill the ones you find. You want to make sure that none of the many types of spiders can make their way into your home. That’s why getting the best pest control is key for your Frisco home. Keep on reading to find out how you can keep the tiny terrors out and away from your home.

Types Of Spiders In Frisco

As for the types of small spiders you might encounter within your home, there are quite a few. When you know more about common household spiders, you can better arm your home against them. Here are the most common types of spiders around Frisco:

  • Long-bodied cellar spider
  • Brown recluse spider
  • Gray wall jumping spider
  • Carolina wolf spider
  • Woodlouse hunter spider
  • American grass spider
  • Yellow garden orb weaver spider

These are just a few of the many spider species that roam the world. While not all of them are outright harmful to humans, they can still be unsettling. Also, keep in mind that in Texas you might notice an uptake in spider activity in the month of August due to the weather.

Are Spiders In Frisco Dangerous Enough To Kill People?

Not all spiders are harmful, so you don’t always have to be afraid of spiders when you see them. Still, no one would blame you if that alone didn’t ease the feeling you get when confronted with these creepy pests. 

There are really only two types of spiders that you need to be wary of when it comes to spiders dangerous enough to kill. These are the infamous black widow and brown recluse spiders. Most black widows are identifiable by the red hourglass-looking symbol on their bodies. While black widows are considered the most venomous, their bites are rarely fatal thanks to modern medicine.

Believe it or not, brown recluse spiders are among the most common household spiders. Because of the number of brown spiders, they can be harder to identify, but they love dark spaces. They typically only bite when disturbed, and again the bite is almost never fatal.

Five Natural Spider Prevention Tips For Frisco Homes

Here are some tips to keep a few of the more common types of small spiders from entering your home:

  1. Keep your yard clean. Cut tall grass, trim bushes, and keep shrubs trimmed.
  2. Install screens on windows and doors.
  3. Close any small openings around windows and doors.
  4. Sweep around your doors with outdoor access.
  5. Make sure that you don’t have any hitchhiking spiders on your person before going back inside by checking your clothes, hair, and shoes.

While these steps are never a guarantee, they can help you fight back a little. If you want guaranteed prevention, there are better ways. Spider treatments will vary depending on how big the problem or the area you’re dealing with is located. But don’t fret, there are ways you can protect your home from spiders.

The Best Control For Spiders & Their Pest Prey In Frisco

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