Plano Resident’s Complete Guide To Fire Ant Control

fire ants

The people of Plano, Texas, are indeed the definition of a “melting pot.” Many of its suburban residents are young, highly educated people from different ethnic backgrounds. Its diverse population, combined with the contributions they bring to this rapidly expanding city, is its distinguishing feature. While local home sales are booming, fire ants are hard at work establishing their own cozy homes, making pest control in Plano imperative.

Are These Fire Ants?

Plano has many ants crawling around town, and it’s often difficult to distinguish which species is causing problems. While most ants don’t pose a physical danger to people, the fire ant is unlike your “normal” ant; therefore, residents should take note of their characteristics.

Four characteristics of fire ants in Plano include:

  1. They have a dark reddish-brown coloration and grow between 1/8 to 3/8 inches long.
  2. They have antennae, six legs, and an oval, segmented body.
  3. They have a stinger and strong jaws that bite.
  4. They build large mounds with irregular shapes and flattened tops.

Whether fire ants are outside or manage to find their way indoors, they can be hazardous to your health. When their nest is disturbed, they will wage an all-out attack to defend it, leading to some pretty painful bites.

What To Do If A Fire Ant Bites You

Fire ant bites usually start with a burning sensation resulting in red bumps that often leads to a white fluid-filled pustule (within a day or two). Typically, people don’t need medical intervention if their breathing stays regular and they have no known severe allergies to stinging insects. If medical attention is not required, there are several remedies residents can use to help relieve pain.

Ways to alleviate painful bites include:

  • Using cold compresses (20 minutes on, 20 minutes off) to help reduce swelling
  • Using hydrocortisone cream to help relieve itching and antibiotic ointment on broken pustules
  • Using an antihistamine for minor allergic reactions

If people experience breathing difficulties or severe swelling, an immediate trip to the emergency room is warranted. With fire ants being such a threat to your health and well-being, it is wise to call DANCAN The Pest Control Expert professionals at the first signs of fire ant activity on your property.

Five Fire Ant Prevention Tips

Fire ant mounds in your yard are bad enough to deal with, but when fire ants experience rising temperatures and dry conditions, they will seek relief indoors. With some simple prevention measures, residents can make invasions more difficult.

Five fire ant prevention tips include:

  1. Placing a stone barrier between the soil and your foundation.
  2. Sealing cracks around foundations and fixtures like pipes, sinks, outlets, baseboards, and toilets.
  3. Placing weatherstripping around windows and doors.
  4. Quickly cleaning spills and food debris (especially sweets and greasy foods).
  5. Quickly removing trash and storing it outside in bins with tight-fitting lids.

Even the most conscientious resident will discover that fire ants are tenacious; trying to handle them on your own is not a good idea. DANCAN The Pest Control Expert can help identify infestations, eliminate problems, and set up prevention measures to stop ant infestations in their tracks.

How To Get Rid Of Fire Ants For Good

To get rid of Plano fire ants for good, you need help from the pest professionals at DANCAN The Pest Control Expert. Our team uses the most modern, eco-friendly treatments to control fire ant populations and prevent future infestations. Quality pest control services are our goal, and we are dedicated to thoroughly and efficiently resolving your Plano pest control needs.