Should I Be Worried If I Spot Black Widow Spiders In Frisco

black widow

The last place you want to encounter a spider is in your home. Finding a black widow spider in your Frisco home can be more than alarming. While not all spiders are harmful, seeing a spider can cause you to feel uneasy. Knowing how to identify a venomous spider such as the black widow can better protect yourself and your loved ones. Call the Frisco pest control professional immediately if you suspect an infestation. 

How To Identify A Black Widow Spider

Black widow spiders are glossy black and have a distinct reddish-orange hourglass shape on the belly. They have eight eyes that are arranged in two rows of four. Females can sometimes be more brownish-black in color, and young black widow spiders start out orange and white and become darker as they mature.

Black widows seek out areas that are unlikely to be disturbed, such as barns, rock walls, outbuildings, and storage areas. They nest in dark, secluded spaces close to the ground, spinning erratic-looking, irregular webs. While they often build these nests in outdoor areas, they occasionally find their way inside. The most obvious sign of a black widow infestation is the presence of irregular, messy webs in the house. 

Most Spiders Bite; Some Bites Are More Dangerous Than Others

The black widow spider is a venomous spider whose venom travels through a victim's bloodstream and affects the nervous system when injected. As a result, a black widow spider is among the most dangerous arachnid you can encounter in your home. Black widow spider bites can cause severe cramping in the abdominal muscles and cause fever, tremors, and trouble breathing. While their bites are typically not deadly, they can lead to serious medical conditions, and it's vital to seek immediate medical attention if a black widow bites you.

Luckily, like most spiders, black widows will avoid interacting with us when possible. While they are not aggressive and will not go out of their way to bite us, they will bite when threatened. Having black widow spiders in your home increases the chances of these encounters.

What Attracts Black Widow Spiders To Come Inside People's Homes?

Black widows enter your home in search of prey or by accident. If you have flies or other insects in your home, spiders are more likely to come inside, but black widows are more often carried in by unsuspecting people. You should always check items like firewood, camping equipment, storage boxes, and toys from the yard for spiders before bringing them inside. 

Black widows can also enter through windows, doors, air vents, and other openings in the home. It's important to check for cracks and unfilled holes in spots where pipes, cables, and plumbing lines enter the building. You can reduce your risk of spiders entering the home by checking for potential openings and sealing up as many as possible. 

The Safe And Effective Way To Get Rid Of Black Widow Spiders

Black widow spider infestations are frustrating to deal with and challenging to eliminate without the help of a professional. The professionals can provide the services needed to accurately identify the infestation, provide treatments, and prevent future problems with these dangerous pests. At DANCAN The Pest Control Expert, we utilize eco-friendly and modern pest control methods and products to control spider populations and other pest populations living in and around your Frisco area home. Give DANCAN The Pest Control Expert a call to learn more about implementing one of our home pest control services to control the black widow spiders in and around your home.