Why It's Never Too Late For Professional Mosquito Treatment In North Dallas


North Dallas is an area with many benefits. One benefit is a warm climate throughout most of the year. Unfortunately, the benefit of warm weather also contributes to our thriving mosquito populations. In more northern states, cold temperatures cause mosquitoes to die off or go dormant relatively early in late summer, but with our warmer temps, mosquitoes can continue to swarm and bite late into the fall. These annoying pests will continue to infest lawns and disturb outdoor gatherings, which can lead North Dallas residents to grow frustrated and seek ways to keep properties mosquito-free. With DANCAN Pest Control, you can do just that!

What's Wrong With Mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes are recognized for the distinctive red bumps they leave on arms, hands, legs, and feet after biting. These raised welts are caused by the saliva female mosquitoes inject to keep blood from clotting while they feed. Most individuals are mildly allergic to this saliva, which results in skin irritation and the urge to itch. In addition to leaving us with itchy red bite marks, mosquitoes are also one of the biggest contributing factors for the spread of certain diseases, such as malaria, West Nile virus, yellow fever, Zika virus, dengue, and many others. For this reason, it is extremely important to reduce your risk of mosquito bites as much as possible.

Why Mosquito Treatment Is Worth It

No matter what season it is, if mosquitoes are buzzing in and around your home, professional mosquito treatment is worth the investment. Conventional methods used to avoid mosquito bites, such as bug spray, wearing long sleeves and long pants, avoiding dusk and dawn outside when mosquitoes are most active, and reducing moisture on your property, just don’t cut it. The most effective way to keep your property nearly mosquito-free is to implement a mosquito control plan from a licensed pest control provider.

Why Call DANCAN For Mosquito Infestations

Here at DANCAN, we believe in getting the job done right the first time. With the trusted pest professionals here at DANCAN Pest Control servicing your home, you can be sure your property will receive the most effective pest control treatments available. We offer ongoing mosquito abatement services throughout mosquito season as well as one-time treatments for outdoor events. To see how our pest control experts can keep your North Dallas property mostly mosquito-free the rest of this year, contact us today!

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