How Can I Protect My Grapevine Home from Mosquitos


Dealing with mosquitos in your backyard can be an exasperating experience, especially if you live near a large body of water. However, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your lakeside view or even your pool in order to live mosquito-free.

At DANCAN The Pest Control Expert, we make it possible for you to enjoy your backyard in the warmer months without being pestered by these troublesome insects.

See what DANCAN can do to protect your family and home today!

Steps You Can Take to Eliminate Mosquitos

Mosquitos thrive near standing water seeing as that is their preferred spot to lay their eggs. These eggs can survive entire winters and hatch once the temperatures start heating up again. After the egg stage, they become aquatic larvae and eventually, full-grown mosquitos.

Knowing this, it is recommended to remove still water from your yard.

Apart from pools, there are other, less obvious breeding sites for mosquitos that you may find on your property, such as bird baths, pooling water near drains, or even a leaky sprinkler, to name a few. By eliminating these conducive conditions, you can reduce a portion of the activity surrounding your property.

However, taking these steps alone will not guarantee a mosquito-free home. Recurring treatments are essential to significantly reducing mosquito activity.

Mosquito Treatment

A fogging treatment is recommended. It consists of treating any trees, shrubs, and shaded areas around the home. Chemically, it’s a mixture of insecticide and water. This treatment knocks down adult mosquitos and leaves a residue on the foliage, which provides a long-term effect.

The amount of insecticide used is the small amount necessary to kill tiny creatures like flying insects, therefore it is people and pet friendly. Professionals are also trained to steer clear of any areas with budding flowers to avoid negatively affecting the pollinators.

Additionally, the product utilized for this treatment is microencapsulated, meaning it will sustain inclement weather such as intense heat and rain.

Furthermore, the treatment of standing water should be combined with the fogging method for the best results. A granule product with controlled release should be used for this purpose. The controlled release allows the granule to dissolve in the water over time, releasing enough product to keep standing water protected for several days. This product prevents mosquito populations from growing further. It contains an insecticide named IGR (Insect Growth Regulator) which prevents eggs from hatching and mosquitos from maturing and eventually reproducing.

DANCAN Pest Control utilizes these tried-and-true techniques and the most effective products on the market to efficiently eliminate mosquito populations from your home late into the fall.

Why You Need to Act Now

Mosquitos aren’t simply irritating pests; they can cause serious harm as they can be carriers of viruses like the Zika virus. In fact, one of the mosquito species found in the Grapevine area can carry this virus. It is known as the yellow fever mosquito, as the name suggests, it can also be a vector for Yellow Fever, the West Nile Virus, Chikungunya, and Dengue.

What’s more, in 2022, Tarrant County was one of the 20 counties in Texas which had mosquito pools test positive for carrying the West Nile Virus.

These diseases can cause illness or even death, particularly in vulnerable groups such as children, the elderly, pregnant individuals, and people with weakened immune systems.

Not to mention the allergic reactions they can cause accompanied by painful itching and swelling.

You can protect the vulnerable members of your family by implementing mosquito treatments as part of your home maintenance. At DANCAN Pest Control we offer monthly or biweekly treatments throughout mosquito season as well as one-time treatments for outdoor events.

And if you sign up with us for ongoing mosquito control before the end of March, we offer a free initial service! Don’t miss out on this opportunity! Call DANCAN today.

By: Carolina Meneses

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