Fire Ants

What are fire ants?

Fire ants are a dangerous species of ant that are most problematic for homeowners during the warmest summer months. Summer is the time of year when both people and ants are most active and most likely to come into contact with each other.

These ants have coppered colored heads, their bodies are reddish-brown or black, and they have a stinger extending off their hind end. Fire ants have strong mandibles that they use to bite and hold onto their victims. They create distinctive nesting mounds that are large in size and irregular in shape.

fire ant on table

Are fire ants dangerous?

Protecting your family from fire ants is crucial as they are aggressive ants that deliver painful bites and venom-filled stings. Just as these ants are tiny, so are their fuses; fire ants are incredibly aggressive and will attack in large groups- any person or animal they view as a threat to their colony. Something as simple as walking by their nest could elicit an attack.

Stings from fire ants cause an immediate burning sensation, and the venom injected is strong enough to cause an allergic response in people. Those very allergic to their venom may go into anaphylactic shock.

Other problems that fire ants cause include:

  • If fire ants find their way inside your home to forage for food, they will contaminate the food and surfaces of your home with bacteria they carry on their bodies and legs.
  • They will damage farm crops and potted plants.
  • Invading and damaging things like air conditioners, circuit breakers, and other electrical equipment.

Why do I have a fire ant problem?

Like other species of ants, fire ants love to take advantage of and nest on properties that provide them with suitable nesting sites- open sunny areas and easy access to food to feed their large colonies. Fire ants find food in compost gardens, open trash cans, outdoor eating areas, and leftover pet food. 

In addition to moving onto properties on their own, fire ants enter properties inside sod, potted plants, and trees purchased from nurseries or stores that sell plants.

Having fire ants on your property not only poses health risks but will make spending time outside in your yard unpleasant and filled with worry. At the first signs of fire ants on your property, you should seek professional help.

Where do fire ants nest?

Fire ants love to nest in sunny open areas. Yards, parks, golf courses, athletic fields, and other wide-open areas are favorite nesting sites for fire ants. These ants are not usually a species you will find nesting inside; they prefer to live and nest outside. However, they like to nest inside of farm or electrical equipment, which can lead to short circuits and fires.

How can I prevent future problems with fire ants?

The best way to prevent problems with fire ants is to partner with the experts at DANCAN. In addition to our professional services, the following prevention tips will help to make your property less attractive to fire ants:

  • Caulk spaces in your home’s foundation, air conditioners, and other utilities that enter into your home.

  • Use door sweeps on exterior doors to keep wandering ants out.

  • Eliminate access to food by placing tight-fitting lids on outdoor trash cans and compost bins. Keep outdoor eating areas clear of leftover food. Pick up pet food each evening.

  • Inside your home, store food in sealed containers or the refrigerator.

  • Place a stone barrier between any soil and your home’s foundation.

  • Inspect new plants, trees, and sod for fire ants before planting them on your property.

  • Store equipment like mowers, tractors, and similar items inside sheds, barns, other sealed spaces.

How do I get rid of fire ants?

Fire ants are not your typical nuisance ant; they are a dangerous ant that requires the experience of a professional to eliminate. The professionals at DANCAN can provide the services needed to accurately identify the infestation, effectively eliminate the problem, and prevent future problems with these dangerous pests.

Our professionals utilize modern, eco-friendly pest control methods and products to control the populations of fire ants and other pests living in and around your North Dallas area home. Contact us to learn more about implementing our effective fire ant control services to rid your property of fire ants.


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