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Protect Your Frisco, TX & North Dallas Metro Home From Pests!

No matter the season, when you live in Texas, there are always pests ready to make your life difficult. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an effective solution to your pest problems that didn’t leave you combating the same pest problems over and over again? Well, there is! With DANCAN’s general pest control, you'll receive year-round pest control that will protect your home from the most common home-invading pests in Texas. Instead of calling us to treat your property on a pest-by-pest basis, why not call us once to set up a pest protection plan that will work for every season? Let the pest control experts at DANCAN take the work off your plate by partnering with us for professional pest protection!

Our General Pest Control Process

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Our Initial Pest Control Service

Your initial service visit allows DANCAN's service technician to perform an initial treatment and prepare your home for future treatments.

At DANCAN, we perform all of the following services during our initial service:

  • We'll sweep and treat your eaves for spider webs and wasp nests.

  • We'll treat the cracks and crevices around the foundation of your home with a dust product that prevents invading pests from building nests inside them.

  • We'll treat the base of your home, 3 ft up by 3 ft out, with a non-repellent product that deep-treats your foundation for adult ants and other pests.

  • We'll treat your yard with a granular product designed to eliminate a variety of common pests, including ants, spiders, outdoor fleas, and more.

  • If pests are found within your home or upon request, we'll spot treat inside various rooms to begin the flushing-out process. Some areas treated include doors and windows, corners, inside walls, plumbing voids, and more.

You may experience an increase in pest activity in the first couple of weeks after your initial treatment. This is a normal occurrence as pests vacate your home, and activity should settle down soon. If it doesn't seem to be getting better, contact us, and we'll return before your next scheduled appointment to re-service your home, free of charge!

Our Quarterly Pest Control Services

Your first quarterly service will occur thirty to forty-five days after your initial service to break up egg cycles. They will then occur every three months to provide ongoing pest protection for your home and property. When you partner with us at DANCAN for ongoing pest control, your quarterly service visits will include the following:

  • We'll sweep and treat the eaves of your home for spider webs and wasp nests during every visit.

  • We'll re-apply the dust treatment in the cracks and crevices along the side of your home to deter invading pests.

  • We'll re-treat the base of your home with the non-repellent product to deep-treat your foundation and keep home-invading pests out.

  • We'll re-granulate your lawn to eliminate a wide variety of common pests found here in Texas, including ants, cockroaches, and occasional invaders.

Your Satisfaction Is Our Guarantee!

With all the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the last thing you should have to worry about is pests! Here at DANCAN, we understand the stress and frustration of pest infestation on homeowners. We have made it our mission to provide an effective and affordable solution to those pest problems. DANCAN's general pest control services will give you peace of mind knowing that your pest control needs are being taken care of all year round by highly-trained professionals in the pest control industry.

At DANCAN, The Pest Control Expert, we guarantee your satisfaction. We're so confident in the treatment methods that we offer free re-treatments for our general pest control customers if pest problems recur on your property in between your quarterly service visits. If you're dealing with pest pressures in your Frisco or North Dallas Metroplex home or yard, please contact us for assistance. We'd be happy to assist in any way that we can and set you on the right path toward a pest-free home and property!

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