House Mice

What are house mice?

The house mouse is amongst the smaller breeds of rodents at only 20 cm in length from their nose to the tip of their tail. They can be distinguished from other rodent species by their short, velvety coats that vary in color from different shades of brown, grey, and black and turn more of a tan or white color around their underbellies. Another identifier can be found in their scaley tails and their large, hairless ears.

small house mouse in the yard of a business in the town of coppell

Are house mice dangerous?

Yes, house mice are dangerous, but not directly. Although it is true that mice have sharp front incisors that never stop growing, it is unlikely that they will ever bite you unless you attempt to handle them. But house mice do pose a threat to both your property and your health. House mice are also known to spread several serious diseases including salmonellosis, dysentery, leptospirosis, and lymphocytic choriomeningitis. They most commonly spread these harmful illnesses while scavenging for and contaminating food and water throughout the homes they have invaded. In addition, these mice have a constant need to chew which could result in a hole through a wall or a severed wire that may spark an electrical fire.

Why are mice in my home?

House mice invade homes in search for their three basic needs: food, water, and shelter. Garbage cans, woodpiles, compost piles, bird feeders, and gardens can all attract these rodents to your property. From there all a house mouse needs to be able to squeeze into your home is a hole the size of a nickel. Once inside, those house mice will seek out available food and water sources, as well as places to hide and establish their nests. More often than not, they find ample provision of both.

How do I get rid of house mice?

The best way to get mice out of your home is by letting the rodent control experts here at DANCAN help. No matter the size of your infestation, DANCAN has the quality tools and experience needed to tackle any rodent problem. You can rely on our rodent exclusion services to get rid of those pesky house mice!

Can I eliminate house mice myself?

When it comes to do-it-yourself rodent prevention, success can be difficult to achieve. Much too often, store-bought mouse traps misfire and fail to fully eliminate the problem. In addition, homeowners who choose to use chemicals to handle rodents in their home are taking a risk. The potential of endangering your pets and family members is much greater with DIY rodent control methods, and they aren't even guaranteed to work! If you have rodent problems in your home, it's best to leave it to the professionals.


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