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Camilla Naseath


Camilla, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of DANCAN Pest Control, has almost a decade of experience in the pest control industry. She co-founded DANCAN Pest Control in Texas in 2016 after moving from Utah, where she earned a degree in Chemistry with a business emphasis from the University of Utah.

Throughout her career, Camilla has demonstrated excellence in all areas of the pest control business, including sales, marketing, operations, and management. Her dedication and hard work have resulted in the creation of a high-quality pest control business that simplifies the lives of its customers.

When she's not working, Camilla enjoys spending time with her four kids and reading. She values a healthy work-life balance, which is critical to achieving personal and professional well-being.

Camilla also believes in the American Dream, which serves as a powerful motivator for her to work hard and achieve her goals. Her passion for entrepreneurship is evident in her success at DANCAN Pest Control.