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Mosquito Control in Dallas Fort Worth

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Whether you enjoy grilling outside on a sunny day or simply sitting outside and taking in the great outdoors, there are always those guests who are never invited but show up anyway – mosquitoes! These pests can be a nuisance in so many ways. Of course, their bites leave you itching for days, but the way they swarm around you while you're trying to enjoy your time out in your backyard can be equally annoying. Unfortunately, that's not even the worst of the problems that mosquitoes can cause!

Mosquitoes are transmitters of many dangerous diseases. In the United States, they spread the West Nile virus, malaria, and dengue fever, to name just a few. Every year, these disease-spreading pests are responsible for over one million deaths worldwide. While eliminating them from your property is usually done due to the nuisance factor, it's even more important to eliminate them from your property because of the dangers they pose. If you're looking for a solution to your mosquito problem, look no further than DANCAN Pest Control. 

We're the mosquito control experts in Dallas Fort Worth, Frisco, South Lake, and throughout the North Dallas Metro area, and we can make mosquito problems a thing of the past! Call (972) 217-8844 today!

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Are Mosquitoes Dangerous? 

The simple answer is yes! Mosquitoes are known transmitters of disease and illness to both humans and pets. These include West Nile virus, malaria, dengue fever, yellow fever, and Zika. Mosquitoes are known to pass on canine heartworm to domesticated animals. The disease and illnesses that mosquitoes transmit are very serious. Our mosquito reduction can greatly reduce the risk of the diseases that mosquitoes are responsible for spreading. 

Our Mosquito Control Process

The best way to greatly reduce the mosquito populations on and around your property is to seek the help of a pest control professional. Here at DANCAN Pest Control, we understand that every property offers different attractants and breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Our pest technicians are trained to search out these specific areas. Once found, they have the tools needed to implement measures to repel mosquitoes as far away from your property as possible.

Initial Treatment

We use a proprietary blend of products to make our mosquito treatments as effective as possible. This blend works instantly to repel mosquitoes and inhibits their ability to breed to achieve long-lasting results.

During your treatment, one of our highly-trained service technicians will apply mosquito control products to your property using top-of-the-line equipment. This initial service visit includes treating the bushes and grass around your home to eliminate as many mosquitoes as possible. However, we don’t stop there! Instead, we go above and beyond to effectively control the mosquito populations found in your yard by installing a mosquito In2Care station on your property. With this system, we can protect a much larger area of your property and further restrict the breeding cycle of the mosquitoes on your property.

Follow-Up Treatments

Our professional mosquito control plans include bi-weekly follow-up treatments. With these regularly scheduled service visits, we can ensure that we achieve the desired result of reducing the mosquito populations around your home. However, if you find that bi-weekly treatments aren't getting the job done, we also offer a weekly mosquito treatment option for an added level of mosquito protection.

*If you sign up online today, you can save 33% on your initial service as well as receive a free In2Care station! 

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Tips for Minimizing Mosquito Exposure

Reducing your exposure to pesky mosquitoes is vital to enjoying your time outdoors on your property. Only female mosquitoes suck blood from their hosts. They also lay eggs, which increases the number of mosquitoes in any given area in a brief amount of time.

To discourage mosquitoes on and around your property, remove any sources of standing water. Check your property for puddles of rainwater, kiddie pools with water, and even small areas of water pooling under or around drains. These actions will eliminate mosquito breeding grounds and greatly reduce your exposure to mosquitoes when you are out and about in your yard.

To protect yourself from these biting pests, invest in pest control services from a pest professional.

We take several steps to eliminate mosquitoes:

  • During the initial service, our professionals target active adult mosquitoes.
  • Within about 30 days, we'll return to break the egg cycle.
  • Just because the temperatures drop doesn't mean the mosquitoes go away; to stop mosquitoes from reproducing and lying in wait for warmer temperatures when they will become active again, we treat them every season of the year.

DANCAN’s Mosquito Control Guarantee

Here at DANCAN, we're confident in our ability to eliminate your mosquito problem and stand by our work! We're so sure of our treatments' effectiveness that if you find more than a few mosquitoes in between our weekly or bi-weekly service visits, we'll return to re-treat your property at no additional charge to you!

Don't let mosquitoes keep you from getting out and enjoying your backyard. Our friendly professionals would be happy to help assist you in any way they can and get you on the right path toward a mosquito-free yard.

To get started with our professional Dallas Fort Worth mosquito control services for your property today, reach out to us online or call (972) 217-8844!

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