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Here in the United States, termites are responsible for over $5 billion worth of property damages every year, so when it comes to dealing with these wood-destroying insects, you can't take chances on unproven or unreliable treatment methods. Instead, for guaranteed termite protection for your Northern Texas home and property, you'll need to invest in a professional termite control plan, like our quality termite treatments! 

At DANCAN Pest Control, we use only the most reliable treatment methods and products to eliminate termite infestations. We offer the application and monitoring of both Termidor® liquid termite treatment and the Sentricon® System with Always Active™ baiting system. 

Schedule a free estimate with our Dallas Fort Worth termite control experts by calling us at (972) 217-8844 or filling out our online contact form today!

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Learn More About Termites

Termites are responsible for millions of dollars worth of damage to homes across Texas each year. When termites go undetected, they can be extremely detrimental to a home due to their 24/7 feeding on wood and plant matter. Easily compromising the structural integrity of any building, termites are very much a danger to your home and family. Taking care of termites immediately is necessary, and we can help! 

There are several reasons that termites may be attracted to properties, including:

  • The presence of decaying wood damaged by water or that has direct contact with soil on the property.
  • There is an ample supply of food sources such as fallen trees, tree stumps, decaying firewood, and piles of leaves or grass.
  • Once inside, termites head straight for any structural wood damaged by water. After establishing their colony, they will move on to sound wood and may even begin feeding on bricks, insulation, drywall, furniture, and carpeting.

If termites are living in your home or on your property, you may start to notice some of the following signs:

  • Mud tubes running along the ground toward your home, running up your home’s foundation or running along your basement walls.
  • Piles of discarded termite wings on your window sills, floors, decks, walkways, or porches.
  • Blistering or splintering structural wood inside your home.
  • Wood in your home that is thin at the surface, sounds hollow, or is easily punctured.
  • Floors that feel spongy as you walk across them.
  • Witnessing a termite swarm: Termite swarms occur when the reproductive members of a mature termite colony emerge from the nest to mate and establish new colonies.

Termite infestations are challenging to eliminate. Experienced professionals should only handle the removal of termites from a home or property. The pest experts here at DANCAN Pest Control can provide the services needed to accurately identify the infestation and eliminate the nesting sites on your property, and help prevent future problems with these wood-destroying pests. 

Our Termite Control Process 

We begin our termite control process by performing a thorough inspection of your home and the surrounding property. During this inspection, we'll look for signs of active termites and conditions conducive to termite infestations; we'll also check all common termite entry points for signs of termite activity. We'll then recommend a treatment plan to best resolve your specific termite problem based on our findings.


Our team of pest control experts will inspect your property to determine what kind of termites you have and where they are getting in. 


We then strategically place the Sentricon® System around the exterior of your home to both detect and eliminate termites. 


If you feel that we've missed something or pests return after our pest control visit, we offer free re-service to ensure that your problem is completely resolved!

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Liquid Treatment vs. Bait Treatment

If we find termites in one section of your home, we'll often treat that area with the liquid Termidor® treatment to quickly gain control of the situation. We'll then install Sentricon® with Always Active™ bait stations around your property to protect the rest of your home. If we find termites throughout your entire home, we suggest applying Termidor® around the whole foundation. If termites are found not in your home but on your property, or if your property conditions are conducive to termites, we recommend installing Sentricon® with Always Active™ bait stations to protect your home and allow for easy monitoring. 

Although we'll make an expert recommendation based on the findings of our initial inspection, if you have a preference as to the type of termite control treatment you'd like to receive for your home and property, we'll work with you to adjust and customize your professional termite control plan according to your individual preferences.

How Do Termidor® & Sentricon® With Always Active™ Work? 

Termidor® - Termidor® is a professional-grade liquid termiticide. We typically apply this product around the foundation of your home, in the soil. When termites cross the invisible barrier of product, they'll pick up the product on their bodies and spread it to other termite members, effectively eliminating the entire invading termite colony.

Sentricon® - Sentricon® with Always Active™ is a termite baiting system. These bait stations are set up in strategic locations around the perimeter of your home. The bait is scientifically proven to be more appealing to termites than the wood of your home. Once they take the bait, they'll bring it back to the other termites, and it eventually eliminates the whole colony. And since we can monitor these bait stations, the Sentricon® with Always Active™ alerts us when new termite activity occurs near your home.

Our Follow-Up Service & Termite Warranty

After our initial treatment, we'll return to your property to perform a follow-up inspection and ensure that your treatment was effective, and provide re-treatments, if necessary.

At DANCAN Pest Control, both our Termidor® and Sentricon® with Always Active™ treatment options come with an extendable warranty. For our Termidor® liquid treatments, the warranty can be extended annually after an inspection has occurred. This warranty is transferable should you sell your home within this time frame.

For the Sentricon® with Always Active™ baiting system, the warranty that we offer is renewable monthly. Many customers bundle their Sentricon® with Always Active™ coverage with our Silver Protection Plan for general pest control PLUS termite control. The warranty is transferable as long as the monthly payments are maintained.

Trust Us to Protect Your Home from Termite Damage!

At DANCAN Pest Control, we want your home to remain termite-free just as much as you do. That’s why we use only proven methods and products in our Dallas Fort Worth termite control treatments to ensure you're getting the high-quality termite protection you need! If you need quality termite protection for your home, you can trust us to eliminate your termite problem and prevent it from returning! 

To learn more about our services or schedule your termite control appointment, reach out to us today!

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