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If you've never encountered a fire ant colony before, then consider yourself lucky. Fire ants are among the most dangerous ants due to their painful stings and are actually quite common pests in our area. However, the greatest danger is that you're more likely to get stung by dozens of fire ants than by just one. If you accidentally disturb a fire ant mound, they'll swarm, leaving you with multiple painful stings. While this is an unpleasant experience for anyone, it's especially dangerous for pets, young children, the elderly, and those with compromised immune systems or allergies. 

To protect your property from the threat of fire ants, partner with DANCAN Pest Control for professional fire ant control in Dallas Fort Worth! Contact us at (972) 217-8844 today.

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Professional Fire Ant Control Treatments

At DANCAN Pest Control, we provide coverage for your entire property. During this treatment, we use a professional spreader to apply fire ant granules in targeted areas around your yard, making sure to treat all the grass and other areas where fire ants are likely to build their nests.

After your treatment, we recommend running sprinklers over the treated areas to allow the product to soak into the ground. In addition, we suggest avoiding the treated areas for at least two hours or until the areas are completely dry.

We proudly offer our professional fire ant control as an annual service. Many of our customers choose to bundle this service with our general pest protection plans for a higher level of pest protection, but it can be purchased as a stand-alone service as well. The service charge for our fire ant control plan will be assessed on an annual basis.

Our fire ant control also comes with a one-year warranty, meaning that if fire ants return within that time, we'll return to re-treat your property, free of charge!

How Can I Tell The Difference Between Fire Ants And Termites?

Fire ants and termites are two very different types of insects, and it's important to be able to tell them apart to avoid any confusion or potential danger. Here are some key differences that can help you differentiate between fire ants and termites:

  1. Appearance: Fire ants are typically reddish-brown or black, and are small to medium-sized insects that range from 1/8 to 1/4 inch in length. They have two nodes on their thorax, which is the segment between the head and the abdomen. Termites, on the other hand, are pale or white, and are smaller than fire ants, ranging from 1/4 to 3/8 inch in length. They have a broad waist that connects their thorax and abdomen, and their wings are much longer than their body.
  2. Behavior: Fire ants are known for their aggressive behavior, and will readily sting humans or animals that they perceive as a threat. They build large, mounded nests in soil, and are often seen swarming around their nests. Termites, on the other hand, are more reclusive and are rarely seen above ground. They build their nests in wood or soil, and feed on wood, causing damage to buildings and other wooden structures.
  3. Wings: Fire ants have two sets of wings, with the front wings being larger than the back wings. When at rest, their wings are folded flat against their body. Termites have four wings that are all roughly the same size, and when at rest, their wings are held at a 90-degree angle to their body.
  4. Antennae: Fire ants have bent antennae with a distinct elbow, while termite antennae are straight.
  5. Habitat: Fire ants are typically found in warm climates, particularly in the southern United States, and are often seen in yards, parks, and other open areas. Termites are found all over the world, but are most common in warm, humid climates. They are often found in and around wooden structures, such as homes and buildings.

In summary, fire ants are small, reddish-brown or black ants that build large mounded nests in soil, are aggressive and sting, and have two nodes on their thorax. Termites are smaller, pale or white insects with a broad waist, build their nests in wood or soil, feed on wood and are rarely seen above ground, and have straight antennae and four wings of equal size. By observing these differences, you can easily tell the difference between fire ants and termites.

Protect Your Property with Fire Ant Control From DANCAN!

With long-lasting results that are guaranteed to protect your home and property from fire ants all year long, you can't go wrong with our Dallas Fort Worth fire ant control treatments. 

To learn more about scheduling your fire ant control appointment or to get started with our services today, see our special offers page or reach out to us at (972) 217-8844 today!

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