At DANCAN, we believe that the best pest control outcomes start with a preventative approach. That’s why we encourage our clients to take a robust approach to prevention right from the beginning. The following list of products are DANCAN-approved for pest control, prevention, and management in Plano and beyond.

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Indoor Fly Traps

Indoor fly traps remove adult flies and reduce population sizes without the use of topical applications. We recommend hanging several traps in key areas of your home to stop infestations before they begin. 


Outdoor Fly Traps

DANCAN recommends applied insect control both inside and outside your house. Outdoor traps are designed to remove both flies and mosquitoes from spaces near garbage cans, patios, and porches. 


Rodent Bait Stations / Mouse Traps

Bait stations attract and eliminate rodents outside of your home, while mouse traps catch active pests wherever they may be. It’s a good idea to implement both solutions for quality rodent control. 



You may need to protect yourself from pests in other ways. DANCAN suggests wearing the appropriate PPE and acquiring the right tools to defend yourself and others from the side effects of infestations. 


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