What are skunks?

Skunks are a type of mammal, and most know them for the foul odor they emit as a means of defense. They create their signature odor from a liquid sprayed from glands found at the base of their big fluffy tails. A skunk has a black body and an identifying white stripe that starts at its head, divides into two stripes, and travels down its back and tail. Skunks are about the size of an average house cat weighing between 2 1/2 and 11 pounds.

skunk on green lawn

Are skunks dangerous?

A skunk is never a pest you want to come into close contact with. The foul-smelling liquid they spray is quite potent, and the smell is difficult to remove from skin, clothing, and pet fur. If sprayed into you or your pet’s eyes, it may cause temporary blindness. In addition, you should always avoid contact with skunks because they carry and transmit rabies. Skunks also cause damage to your home or property by digging under decks, foundations, and concrete slabs.

What are skunks doing in and around my home?

Skunks will take advantage of any property that offers them easy access to food and shelter. Out in nature, away from people, skunks live near water sources, along the edges of forests, in grassy fields, and areas of dense vegetation. In our yards, skunks burrow under decks, woodpiles, sheds, and foundations. Skunks are omnivores; they forage for food by digging in the grass or through trash cans. They may also steal eggs from chicken coops or snack on leftover pet food left outside. Lastly, they will dig up gardens and steal fruits and vegetables. 

How can I keep skunks away?

Ideally, the best way to keep skunks from making themselves at home on your property is by partnering with a pest control professional. However, it's crucial to reduce their access to food, shelter, and water as a preventative measure.

Limit their access to food by regularly harvesting fruits and vegetables from garden areas and keeping tight-fitting lids on compost bins and trashcans. Pick up uneaten pet food each evening.

Stop skunks from nesting on your property by filling holes along foundations and placing wire fencing around the bottom of decks, sheds, and chicken coops to prevent skunks from burrowing underneath them. Remove areas where skunks may hide on your property, such as excess woodpiles and dense brush or vegetation.

How do I get rid of skunks?

Despite your best efforts, you may still find yourself face-to-face with a skunk problem, and let’s face it, skunks are a tricky pest to deal with. As a homeowner, the best thing you can do to solve your skunk problem is to partner with a professional pest control company that has experience in dealing with unwanted wildlife. Our pest control experts at DANCAN have the equipment and background to eliminate your skunk problem for good.

Our licensed technicians at DANCAN use high-quality tools when excluding or removing pests from your property. They have the experience needed to safely remove all skunks - even those whose proximity to your home may make removal particularly difficult. 


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