What are spiders?

Spiders are arachnids and are closely related to mites, ticks, and scorpions. They are usually found living outdoors but often find their way inside while searching for food. No matter what species you're looking at, all spiders have certain things in common. All spiders have two body regions (cephalothorax and abdomen), eight legs, no wings or antennae, and they have fangs (chelicerae). And though spiders typically have eight eyes, some species only have six. Their colors and sizes vary widely, depending on the exact species. The spiders commonly found in the North Dallas area include house spiders, hobo spiders, brown recluse spiders, and black widow spiders.

spider crawling on the carpet of a colleyville home

Are spiders dangerous?

All spiders are venomous, but most house-invading spiders like the common house spider and the hobo spider have venom that isn't strong enough to cause significant health problems in people. A bite from either species may leave a red mark and perhaps a bit of discomfort, but that is all. In general, both the hobo spider and the house spider are considered nuisance spider species.

Other spiders found living in the North Dallas area, such as the brown recluse spider and the black widow spider, are considered dangerous and should be avoided. Their venom is strong enough to cause serious health problems in certain individuals. The black widow spider's venom attacks the nervous system of its victim. In contrast, the brown recluse's venom causes necrosis of the tissue found around the bite wound site, leading to serious infection and taking a long time to heal.

Why do I have a spider problem?

Spiders are found living on any property that offers them shelter and a supply of insects to feed on. Most spiders are reclusive by nature and want to stay hidden from people as much as possible.

Outside, spiders are commonly found living and creating their webs or burrows in gardens, shrubs, bushes, overgrown vegetation, tall grasses, woodpiles, and in between rocks and stones. Spiders may accidentally enter your home while hunting for food. They may also move indoors in the late fall when their main food source moves inside, seeking a warm, safe spot to overwinter in.

Inside homes, spiders prefer to hide out and create their webs in dark, quiet, out-of-the-way places like the back corners of closets, basements, inside boxes, clothing, shoes, under linens, under furniture, in attics, behind wall voids, and underneath sinks. 

How do I get rid of spiders?

Spider infestations are frustrating to deal with and difficult to eliminate without the help of a professional. The professionals can provide the services needed to accurately identify the infestation, provide treatments, and prevent future problems with these invasive and potentially dangerous pests. The pest control experts at DANCAN utilize eco-friendly and modern pest control methods and products to control spider populations and other pest populations living in and around your North Dallas-area home. Give DANCAN a call to learn more about implementing one of our home pest control services to control the spiders living in and around your home.

How can I prevent future problems with spiders?

There are several things you can do in your home and around your property to make your property less appealing to spiders:

  • Remove any excess debris around your property, such as piles of wood, rocks, leaves, and grass.

  • Maintain your lawn and keep your grass in your yard cut short.

  • Limit sources of water by making sure that your gutters are clear.

  • Repair leaky outdoor fixtures to eliminate excess moisture that can attract the insects that spiders feed on.

  • Seal any cracks and crevices found in your home’s foundation and exterior walls; seal any spaces located around utilities (pipes, wires, and ducts) or air-conditioners.

  • Install door sweeps on all your exterior doors, especially your basement doors.

  • Reduce hiding places for spiders inside your home by keeping your storage areas clutter-free.

  • Remove any spider webs found in and around your home regularly.



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