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Family Owned & Operated Pest Control For Southlake, TX Residents

Southlake is a community located in North Tarrant County in the great state of Texas. Home to over 27,000 people, our city is considered one of the safest places to live in the United States. Southlake, TX, offers several beautiful parks, shopping, and dining experiences, the Bob Jones Nature Center, and more for both residents and visitors to enjoy. At DANCAN, we strive to keep this beautiful city a safe and healthy environment for the families who live here in our area by eliminating pest problems. With our highly-trained pest control experts hard at work, homes in the Southlake, Texas, area can remain pest-free throughout the entire year!

Our pest control experts possess decades of experience and have received extensive training. And they can help you solve any issue you may be experiencing in your home or on your property! Here at DANCAN, we believe an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

With our preventative services, we can keep pest issues under control before they have a chance to invade. Taking preventive measures is easier and much more cost-effective than eliminating a pest issue already established. Some of our preventative services include Quarterly General Pest Control, Mosquito Services, Termite Bait Stations, Rodent Bait Stations, and Home Rodent-Proofing Services.
Here at DANCAN, we want to help keep your home safe from pests, monitoring and treating your home and property, as necessary, year-round! Providing excellent customer service for our customers is our highest priority. To learn more about our offerings, reach out to us at DANCAN, The Pest Control Expert, today!

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Home Pest Control In Southlake, TX

The professionals at DANCAN are state-licensed and can protect your Southlake, Texas home and family from pests all year long. With Integrated Pest Management (IPM), we prevent pests and their damage, long-term.

Through the use of IPM strategies, our professionals implement a combination of techniques, including:

  • Biological control
  • Use of resistant varieties
  • Habitat manipulation
  • Modification of cultural practices

To prevent unwelcome pests invaders from infesting your home and property, invest in professional residential pest control services for your home. Our services are proven to be effective and are safe for both humans and pets.

When it comes to completely and effectively eliminating pests, DIY control methods don't do the trick. Each pest must be eliminated according to its specific characteristics. At DANCAN, our experts are extensively trained and state-licensed and have access to the products and equipment needed to finish the job at hand. To learn more about our residential pest control services, contact us! We'll help you decide which of our services is best suited to solve your problem and protect your home.

What Kinds Of Problems Can Raccoons Cause In Southlake, Texas?

Raccoons are scavenging pests. As they search for food around your property, they often knock over and rummage through trash bins searching for food. Homeowners are often greeted in the morning with strewn trash and overturned garbage receptacles.

Though not typically dangerous unless you try to handle or mistakenly trap them, raccoons can become violent. With no other option available, raccoons will attack to escape. If the raccoon in question has rabies, the threat of violence and injury is much greater. Raccoons can cause a variety of other damage in and around your home that often extends beyond tipped-over trashcans. Raccoons are skillful climbers and don't care if they damage your home as they scale its walls.

When raccoons seek shelter inside your home, you can expect some of the following:

  • Destruction of insulation
  • Broken or chewed fascia
  • Damage to vents
  • Torn or loose shingles
  • Broken ducts

When dealing with raccoons on your property or in your home, your best bet is to partner with a pest professional. Secure the services of a DANCAN professional and gain peace of mind that raccoons will no longer roam your property. Our exclusion program works to keep them out. Here at DANCAN, our team of licensed and certified pest control experts has successfully provided wildlife control to hundreds of homes in the Dallas-Fortworth area. View our customer reviews; they speak for themselves! We encourage you to call us to learn more about how we can help meet your nuisance raccoon needs!

Dangers Cockroaches Pose For Southlake, Texas Residents

Cockroaches pose several dangers to homeowners. Several different types of cockroaches invade homes in the Southlake area, such as:

  • American cockroaches are relatively large, measuring at about 1 3/8 to 2 1/8 inches long. Their coloring varies from light reddish-brown to dark reddish-brown. They like to make nests in warm, damp locations and are not common invading pests in most homes.
  • Brown-banded cockroaches are light brown to brown and grow up to 1/2 inch in length. They can be challenging to control because they are commonly found throughout structures and many areas that don't usually harbor cockroaches. 
  • German cockroaches, when mature, grow to between 1/2 and 5/8 of an inch in length. They are light brown to tan in color. These cockroaches are well-known indoor cockroaches preferring to infest kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Oriental cockroaches vary in size, with males growing to around 1 inch long and females reaching about 1 1/4 inches long. These cockroaches are usually found in commercial spaces like restaurants, grocery stores, and hospitals and are rarely found in homes.
  • Smokey Brown cockroaches typically grow to 1 to 1 1/4 inches long when mature. These cockroaches are dark brown or mahogany in color and have fully developed wings. These roaches are usually found outside around woodpiles, vacant buildings, and flower planters. They sometimes infest homes, seeking out warm, humid areas with no airflow, such as garages and attics.

Each kind of cockroach has its distinguishing features, though they all exhibit some similarities that concern every homeowner:

  • Cockroaches live in sewers, trash cans, and the like.
  • They bring viral and bacterial germs into your home.
  • They contaminate surfaces, packaging, dinnerware and cutlery, and food prep surfaces as they forage for food in your home.
  • Cockroaches may trigger asthma attacks in some people.
  • They spread diseases, including dysentery, diarrhea, salmonella.

Let the professionals here at DANCAN help you keep cockroaches out of your home. We can create a plan tailored to your specific needs. Give us a call to learn more!

Common Spiders Found In Southlake, Texas

Spiders are commonly found in homes. As they hunt for food, following the insects they feed on when they enter our homes to escape the cold, spiders often end up indoors.

Residents of the Southlake area may deal with several different spider species regularly:

  • Wolf spiders are quite large, and their coloring is usually shades of brown, with two black vertical stripes along their back. Their bodies can grow to 3/4 of an inch in diameter, and their leg span is up to 3 inches. Wolf spiders live in wooded areas, and they look quite threatening, though they are harmless to humans.
  • Hobo spiders measure an inch in diameter, including their legs. Their color is darker brown with various patterns. They may occasionally get into homes but are usually found outdoors at ground level. Hobo spiders' bites do hurt, but they are not venomous.
  • Brown recluse spiders are light brown or flesh-colored to dark brown. They may grow up to 1/4 to 1/2 inch in length. A dark fiddle or violin shape on their back is helpful when identifying them. This marking is responsible for their other common moniker, fiddleback spider. They like to hide away in secluded, unseen spaces.
  • Black widow spiders are usually about a 1/2 inch long for females, and males have bodies that are 1/4 inch long. They are glossy black and have a red hourglass shape on their abdomen. They build their webs in dry, isolated locations close to their food source, often in spaces like garages, crawl spaces, and basements.
  • House spiders can present in a variety of colors, though in this area, they are usually yellowish-brown or black. Size-wise, they are about 1/2 an inch in diameter and are considered nuisance spiders. They present no danger to humans. Their webs are typically found in corners of rooms, in window frames, and under furniture.

At DANCAN, we take pleasure in helping you keep spiders out of your home. Call us to learn how we can serve you and your home with our customizable, uniquely-developed preventative pest control services. We strive to provide a quality customer service experience for each homeowner who secures our services!

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